We know from experience that it helps to show and tell children and their parents what they can expect the day of surgery. Our staff will do everything we can to make sure you and your child are as comfortable as possible - before, during and after the procedure.

A nurse from the center will call you before your child's surgery to review instructions, including the Preoperative Guidelines and the Day of Surgery Checklist. This is a great time to arrange a tour of the facility to ease any fears you both may be experiencing.

On the day of surgery, it is a good idea to bring your child's favorite stuffed animal, blanket, toy, or other item from home so he or she will be more at ease. Also, bring your child’s bottle or “sippy cup” for after surgery if they cannot drink from a regular cup.

We'll help get your child dressed into a surgical gown. You'll also have an opportunity to talk with your child's anesthesiologist before the procedure.

Even though we never leave young patients alone, we prefer that you stay with your child at all times, right up until the time your child is brought to the operating room. When your child's surgery is over and he or she is stable, you will be able to join them in the recovery room. You will also need to remain at the facility during your child’s surgery, in case we need to reach you.

In the case of a young child having surgery, we recommend that you bring along another adult to act as the driver while you care for your child on the trip home.

If you notice any health changes in your child between the most recent physician visit and the date of surgery, notify your physician immediately. Please report even minor changes, such as an elevated temperature, cough or cold. If you cannot reach your physician, please call our facility at (208) 453-8668.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or court-appointed custodian (with appropriate paperwork).